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Another year wherein I love to watch a movey! Forgive any typos, I wrote this all in one shot.


The discrepancy between “diary entries” and “reviews” makes me think that I forgot to log some movies, but in any case this is the most movies I’ve watched in a year since 2017.


The Assent

Ok, so the first movie I watched in 2020 was an indie horror movie I did Not like! Extremely fitting.


Color Out Of Space

I’m always(?) happy to see Nic Cage “on one” but this didn’t do it for me. I also just hate Lovecraft and wish we would stop…

forgive any typos, i wrote all of this in one shot at the last minute

Another year wherein I loved to watch a movey! Felt like I barely watched any new releases, but I did literally watch more movies that last year. Anyway, it’s fun to look back on how I spent [REDACTED] hours of my life in 2019.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Saw it again in theaters on New Year’s Day with two of my friends who hadn’t seen it. It still absolutely owns!! Peter B. Parker is my ideal man (im not joking) and I am deeply grateful that he added “I’m not very liquid right now” into my daily vocabulary!!! …

couldn’t make the crop work for the preview image, maybe next time

I got the chance to watch Once Upon A Time . . . In Hollywood in 70mm at the Music Box which was awesome, although I’m less sure about how I feel re: the actual movie itself. I had fun and [mostly] enjoyed the experience of watching it. AND YET,,,I don’t think I liked it. I have a lot of questions, actually. Like “why is this movie so nostalgic?” and “what exactly is Tarantino afraid of?” and “who gets to enjoy the future this movie imagines?” So let’s get into it! …

I made this image in 15 minutes at 4:30AM!!

I am easily influenced by what The Cool Kids do, so after reading two [2] such articles, I’m also gonna do a retrospective type thing on all the movies I watched this year!! I keep meaning to write about these movies instead of just tweeting and yelling at friends about them, so this will have to do.

Admittedly I wasn’t as on top of Moveys this year as I was in 2017. I watched ~180 movies last year according to Letterboxd, and I only watched ~120 this year! Last year had a lot of films that really stood out and…

AW Gregor

im yelling

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